NPP Day 2: Some Misses

This is only day 2 of my nail polish purge, so I’m bound to learn some things along the way. Today, I learned QUITE a few things.

  1. When you’re testing magnetic nail polish, maybe it’s best to just test them all out at once
  2. If you’re gonna get ambitious with a design, try doing a test nail first before committing to all of them at once.
  3. I’m gonna need more cotton balls

With that said, here are the contenders for today:

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The Great Nail Polish Purge of 2017: Day 1


A pretty universal fact of my life is that I have too much stuff. In today’s case, it’s nail polish. Before I moved cross-country, I committed to getting rid of any nail polish I truly hated. And then somehow I was still left with an absolute buttload of polish. Now here I am, almost a year later, ready to move again. This time I’ll only be lugging all of my 7 trillion earthly belongings about 20 miles, but getting rid of some stuff ahead of the time sure would make my life easier. So I’ve concocted this little experiment.

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