The Great Nail Polish Purge of 2017: Day 1


A pretty universal fact of my life is that I have too much stuff. In today’s case, it’s nail polish. Before I moved cross-country, I committed to getting rid of any nail polish I truly hated. And then somehow I was still left with an absolute buttload of polish. Now here I am, almost a year later, ready to move again. This time I’ll only be lugging all of my 7 trillion earthly belongings about 20 miles, but getting rid of some stuff ahead of the time sure would make my life easier. So I’ve concocted this little experiment.

Step one: remove all nail polish from this nifty little rack I picked up on ebay.


Step two: throw all of the nail polish from the rack into a box. Throw the polish from your overflow drawer in there, too (because let’s be real, I couldn’t get it all to fit on that one rack).


Step three: every day, I’m gonna paint my nails with at least one of the nail polishes in the box. If I like it, it’ll go back on the rack. If it’s not up to par, I’ll toss it (note: nail polish really shouldn’t be thrown in the trash. Check out this resource for a facility that will accept your household hazardous waste! If you don’t have access to one of these, best practice is to let the polish dry out completely before throwing it out.) This is partly to get rid of stuff I’m not going to use, but it also has the added benefit of making sure I look like a respectable human on a daily basis. Before the beginning of today’s experiment, I was sporting some chipped nail polish from about a month ago.

Onto day 1. I picked two contenders today:

day 1 polish 2

Essie Penny Talk

day 1 polish 1

The GAP Adrienne

I actually use Essie’s Penny Talk fairly frequently, so I knew I was going to keep that one. It’s a great formula and I love the color. I was a little more interested in this Gap polish, which I’m pretty sure I’ve had since the mid-2000s (coincidentally the last time I stepped in a Gap.)

day 1

Verdict: The Gap polish isn’t the worst. While it’s a little bit streaky (probably due to being old, and nothing a little acetone won’t fix), I only really needed one coat for complete opacity, and I love the color. I planned on using Essie Penny Talk as an accent nail, but then I forgot, so I did this weird little half-polish number. The striping tape I used in an attempt to be decorative somehow lost its color once I put a topcoat on, so I’ll chalk that up to a learning experience. Essie’s definitely going back on the rack. The Gap polish is tentatively back on the rack. If I find another polish in my stash that performs better and is a close enough color dupe for this, I’ll probably end up tossing it. If not, I’ll try the acetone trick and hopefully it’ll apply a little cleaner. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by it. Hopefully some of the polish in the box manages to disappoint me soon, or else this’ll be a failed experiment!



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