NPP Day 2: Some Misses

This is only day 2 of my nail polish purge, so I’m bound to learn some things along the way. Today, I learned QUITE a few things.

  1. When you’re testing magnetic nail polish, maybe it’s best to just test them all out at once
  2. If you’re gonna get ambitious with a design, try doing a test nail first before committing to all of them at once.
  3. I’m gonna need more cotton balls

With that said, here are the contenders for today:

day 2 polish 1

Sally Hansen Magnetic Polish in Graphite Gravity

day 2 polish 2

Another Sally Hansen polish in Three D (on sale, too!)

Full disclosure, the VAST majority of my collection is Sally Hansen.

Anyway, onto the explanation of my first mistake, and a review of the magnetic polish – the polish itself is fine. I actually really dig the color on its own, and the formula is super solid. The magnet, however, was severely lacking. I don’t think my potato quality pictures really showcase this, but the little magnetic squiggle was SUPER weak. BUT, there is a bit of redemption here: I own like 6 of these magnetic polishes from probably three brands. At least one of those magnets has to be good. So catch me testing out all of my magnetic polishes at once probably sometime next week. It’ll be a magnetic polish thunderdome of sorts, because how many gimmicky polishes do I really need? (The answer is a lot, duh.) So this polish is in the ‘maybe’ pile for now, until I get to really reassess it.

And then onto the shameful picture that fully encapsulates my second mistake:

day 2 ugh

I got cocky yesterday. I did a little half accent nail (one that I’ve done a million times before) and decided to get fancy today by doing some half-moon manis. WELL, the HD polish formula is a little too watery for that, so I was left with some unsightly blobs. It should be noted that this little half-moon debacle in no way represents how great this polish is. It’s fairly watery and a little bit translucent, so it’s best either really layered up (like 3 coats, minimum) or layered over one coat of an opaque polish. I layed it over the magnetic polish and it created a beautiful wine duochrome. Definitely a keeper.

So far: 2 days, 0 polishes tossed (though I have two strong maybes. Hopefully day 3 has some more excitement in store.



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