NPP Day 6: Spring has sprung

Even though it’s felt like summer since february here in Dallas, I’ve suddenly been in a springy mood. Today’s polish reflected that.

day 6 polish 1

Sinful Colors in Violets are Blue

Sinful Colors really needs to up its game, apparently. This polish was still somewhat translucent and patchy after three coats, so I wasn’t really a fan. The color is GORGEOUS, however, so this is going in the “maybe” pile, and I’ll get rid of it if I find a similar color in my collection.

day 6 polish 2

Covergirl glosstinis in Purple Freeze

Honestly, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this polish. It’s just the exact same color as one of the sinful colors polishes I posted the other day, which I like better. You really need two coats of this polish, while you can get away with one with the sinful colors. I’ll be getting rid of this.

day 6 comparison

The sinful colors polish on the left, covergirl on the right. VERY close dupes.

day 6 polish 3

ORLY in Cotton Candy

While I’m not the hugest fan of ORLY’s formula, this is a nice pink. You have to apply it really carefully or else it can be a little patchy, but the opacity is pretty nice, and I don’t usually have problems with chipping with ORLY polish. This is a keeper.

And the finished look. Pretty simple, once again. You can see how the blue sinful colors polish is a little patchy.

day 6

Well, that’s another polish gone from the collection.



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