NPP Day 7: Halloween Vibes

Today was a pleasant surprise. Spoiler: all three of these were a win.

day 7 polish 1

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Poppy

This polish is ANCIENT, so I wasn’t expecting much. As usual, Sally Hansen kills it again. This polish only needed ONE coat and looked amazing.

day 7 polish 2

GAP polish in Pageant Pink

Once again, the GAP polish holds up. This is honestly not in any way pink, so the name’s a weird choice, but the color held up a lot better than the white NYC polish I tried out, so I’ll be keeping this one unless a better white shows up in my collection.

day 7 polish 3

Revlon in Sparkle Aplenty

As usual, I didn’t have high expectations for this. The glitter looks ridiculously chunky in the bottle, and glitter polishes tend to have a history of being not-so-opaque. Once again, I was proven wrong. The black polish could stand up on its own, and the glitter was chunky, but not a gloopy mess. This is a keeper.

And here’s the look. You’ll notice a little bit of patchiness on the white, but whites are hard to work with. You’ll also notice my complete lack of ability to clean up my polish around my cuticle.

day 7



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