NPP Day 13: Mermaidy Goodness

Oops, I thought I had queued this up to be posted, but I actually just left it open in my drafts. My bad. So this is a late post, I guess.

Three polishes today:

day 13 polish 3

OPI Liquid Sand in It’s Frosty Outside

Liquid sand was a limited edition thing from OPI and it’s honestly one of my favorite polishes of all time. The texture isn’t overwhelming, and the sparkle is to die for. You can top it with a clear topcoat if you want to smooth out the texture, but it wears really well without a topcoat as well.

day 13 polish 2

SaQu Polish. No name, just a sticker on the bottom that says 099

This no-name polish works pretty well, but the wear time could be better. I’m keeping it for now, but I’ll be tossing it if a close enough color-dupe comes around.

day 13 polish 1

Sephora by OPI in Tempted By Teal

I really like this polish, but I also really like teal. As usual the OPI formula is solid. No complaints here.

And here’s the finished look. I love the teal and green together. Full disclosure, I picked three colors I knew I loved because I was going away for the weekend (spoiler alert: I actually pre-painted my nails for the week and queued them up) and the mani ended up holding up on my fingers for 5 days before some serious chips started happening. So overall solid job, nail polish.

day 13




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