NPP Day 15: Roses

So I’ve been pretty bad at posting to a schedule. Painting my nails everyday is easy, but taking the time to sit down and write the blog post has been a real struggle. Here’s yesterday’s polish situation. Spoiler alert: I”m keeping all of these.

day 15 polish 3

OPI Liquid Sand in Jinx

Once again, I love  the liquid sand from OPI. It’s a great gimmicky polish and it wears well. I’ll be keeping this.

day 15 polish 2

Sinful Colors in Rich in Heart

This is a good color and a solid formula. I’ll be keeping this, but I’m going to try to use it up so I don’t have so many mini-bottles laying around.

day 15 polish 1

OPI in My Pal Joey

I obviously bought this because it was hello kitty. The color’s great, and it’s the usual solid OPI formula.

Here’s the look:

day 15



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