NPP Day 17: A floral disaster

Today was… definitely not a win. Normally I’d take the polish off and try again, but I didn’t think much could fix today’s look, so it gets pretty ugly at the end.

Onto the polishes:

day 17 polish 1

Sinful Colors in Cream Soda

I have to admit – this whole time I’ve been going through my polish collection, I’ve had this idea that a sinful colors polish is going to be bad (because they’re what? Like $2??), and they just overwhelmingly haven’t been. The ones I’ve gotten rid of have all just been color dupes that I didn’t need. Once again, this polish performed. For such a light color, it was surprisingly opaque.

day 17 polish 2

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Lemon Heaven

This polish, on the other hand, was a disaster. It applied very streaky, and took FOUR coats for full opacity. Not what I expect from a Sally Hansen polish. I’ll be ditching this in favor of my yellow ORLY polish. Not exactly the same color, but at least that one is reasonably opaque. You’ll see in the picture below that I ended up smudging my polish because it took forever to dry on account of the four coats. Not pretty.

day 17 polish 3

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in B Girl

This polish was better. I need to stew over whether I’ll keep it or not because I tend to accumulate mints, but I’m leaning toward a keep. The miracle gel line (which isn’t actually gel) is actually pretty cool because, coupled with the special top coat, you get a super long wear time. That’s important to me because I’m a savage who absolutely wrecks my nails on an almost daily basis.

And here’s the look. i don’t even want to talk about it. If you look closely, you can see I tried stamping a fun easter-y floral pattern, but the colors didn’t really come through. The yellow also never dried down because I needed to put on so many coats for it to be opaque. You can’t win them all, I guess.

day 17

Here’s hoping to better polish tomorrow.




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