NPP Day 18: Very V-Day

Today’s look gives me queen of hearts/valentine’s day vibes. Two months late, but I’ll take it.

Let’s talk polish:

day 18 polish 3

Old Navy Tip Toe polish in Jet

I’ll be honest. This isn’t a great polish, but it isn’t a good polish. It also happens to be the only black polish I currently own except for a matte black polish. So I’ll be keeping this until I run out of it, and then I’ll likely be buying a better black polish.

day 18 polish 2

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Gilty Party

I just bought this polish in March because I was looking for a dirty looking silver/nickel color. There are actually tiny flecks of pink in this and I LOVE it. Totally keeping it.

day 18 polish 1

Forever 21 Love & Beauty polish in Red

Very original name. This is just your standard red glitter, but I’m a sucker for glitters. It works best with an opaque polish under it, but I also like to use it with just a base coat (like I did below) for a gradient glitter effect.

And here’s the (somewhat sloppy) look:

day 18

I really liked Gilty Party as a stamping polish. I wasn’t sure because of the microglitter, but it worked out. I also love that glitter effect. Overall, a solid mani. I just wish I was better at getting rid of things.



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