NPP Day 19: Pinky Promise

I’m a fan of the way today’s look came out. Also, a few general updates about how I’m gonna be posting things from now on – I’m currently a day ahead, so I thought it’d be good to make my post after a day of wear so I can comment on things like wear time and chipping. Obviously nothing will look different than it does now, but that’s a nice extra thing to know.

Onto the polish:

day 19 polish 1

Essie Luxeffects in A Cut Above

This is technically branded as a topcoat, but it really works exactly as a glitter does. It just needs to be used with a base coat, since their isn’t a colored polish inside of this – it’s just glitter. I really like the effect it has, so I’ll be keeping this.

day 19 polish 2

MoodStruck in Purple to Light Pink

The color and formula of this polish is fine, but I couldn’t get it to change colors. It was also pretty quick to chip. I have so many other polishes in this color family, so I’ll be tossing this.

day 19 polish 3

Wet n Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel in Pinky Swear

I actually really love this polish. For a color so light, it goes on VERY opaque, and it wore well. I’ll definitely be keeping this.
And here’s the look. I really love this and I can see myself doing it again:

day 19



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