NPP Day 20: Ehhhhhhhhhhhh

Well, today was a success if I really sit back and think about why I’m doing this. It was a complete and utter failure in literally every other way imaginable.

So, polish:

day 20 polish 3

SaQu in Garnet Red

SaQu polishes are just not doing it for me. Maybe they’re just old, but this one smelled worse than most paint thinners and literally NEVER dried. Seriously. I woke up in the morning and there was little sheet fuzz all over my nails. This is 100% going in the garbage. There’s no hope for this polish whatsoever.

day 20 polish 2

OPI in Silver Shatter

Ah, the shatter polish. Sit back and just think about how trendy this stuff was in 2011. It turns out this stuff does NOT age well. I opened the bottle (to be fair, for the first time since 2011) and the polish was way too goopy. The brush looked like Cynthia from the Rugrats. It was a whole big mess. Presumably because of how goopy it was, this never really shattered right and kind of just looked like a slab of messed up cement on my nail instead. To the garbage.

day 20 polish 1

Revlon Top Speed in Metallic

This is the one redeeming polish of today. Great coverage, great wear, quick drying time. I’m definitely keeping this one.

And here’s the terrible look that I don’t even wanna talk about:

day 20

They can’t all be winners. But at least this is two more polishes that I can let go.



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