NPP Day 21: Insert witty title here

Yeah, I ran out of title ideas today. Let’s talk polish.

day 21 polish 1

OPI in Cozu-melted in the Sun

I love this color. I love this formula. The name’s really cute, too. This is just a keeper in general.

day 21 polish 2

OPI Liquid Sand in Vesper

The grocery store next to my apartment was going out of business a few months ago, so everything in the store was 75% off. You had better believe I got my ass in there and bought every liquid sand polish they had in stock. I really love most of them, but this one’s a dud for me. It just doesn’t have the same effect without the glitter. I’ll be getting rid of this one.

day 21 polish 3

Sally Hansen in Mille Fleurs

This polish is okay. That’s it. I have a very similar pink that I think does just a better job, so I’ll be getting rid of this. The one really good thing I have to say about this is that the bottle isn’t kidding when they say no-chip. It may have taken 3 coats to be opaque, but it didn’t chip on me the whole day and a half I wore it.

And here’s the look. If you look really closely, you’ll see I tried to stamp, but the colors were too close to show up:

day 21

Well, two more down. This has been successful so far.



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