NPP Days 22-23: Two for One

Yep, two posts in one today. This weekend was SO busy and I’m just getting around to posting these now. Because it’s a double, I’ve got 6 polishes to go over today.

Day 22:

day 22 polish 1

SaQu in Gold

Based on my past run-ins with SaQu polish, I was expecting to hate this. Surprisingly, I didn’t. To be fair, this is just a glitter, so it’s kind of hard to go wrong here. The gold is GORGEOUS. I’ll be keeping this.

day 22 polish 2

Sinful Colors mini in Sugar Sugar

I’m iffy about this one, but I’ll be keeping it for now. The color is great, but the application is a little sub-par unless you use three coats. I have plenty of reds, so I feel like this will be going once I make the final assessment of what I’ve decided to keep.

day 22 polish 3

Avon Nailwear Pro in Blossom

This was another one I was expecting to hate right away, mostly because I don’t associate Avon with nail polish. I was surprised. This only took one coat for full opacity, and it applied like a dream. Totally keeping this.

This look was interesting. I went in expecting to hate all of the polishes and I came out pleasantly surprised. Check out the very subtle stamping. I’m now the proud owner of like 25 stamping plates.

day 22

I’m definitely loving that glitter!

Day 23:

day 23 polish 1

Covergirl Glosstinis in Blue Hawaiian

Honestly, I wasn’t wowed by this polish’s performance, BUT this is a unique color in my collection right now, so I’ll be keeping it for the time being. I found that this was difficult to apply and didn’t dry very quickly. If I finish testing all of my polishes and don’t find a color dupe for this, there’s a good chance I’m going to go out and buy a similar color in a formula I know I love.

day 23 polish 2

China Glaze Crackle in Platinum Pieces

I was very ready for this to suck, based on the performance of my super old OPI shatter polish. Weirdly enough, it didn’t. In the pictures, it doesn’t look that promising, but that’s because there’s a slight learning curve to really getting the shatter-type polishes to separate well, and I’m about 6  years out of practice. I’ll be keeping this, since it still works.

day 23 polish 3

OPI in Last Friday Night

I personally don’t like using this as a standalone polish, but I think that’s what it was intended for. On top of other polishes, it’s a VERY sheer blue with blue and silver glitter. It’s beautiful on top of polish, and the glitter changes from silver to blue in the light. I’ll be keeping this.

And here’s the look:

day 23

The smudges are TOTALLY my fault (and a casualty of walking a dog too soon after painting my nails), but other than that I think it looks really nice.

Sooooooooo, I kept all of them (technically, two polishes are maybes pending a color dupe). I’m not that good at this.



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