NPP Day 24: So Many Polishes

Sooooo, I’m moving in less than two weeks, and I still have a metric buttload of polishes to test. This could only lead up to one thing: I tested 8 different nail polishes today.

day 24 polish 2

From left to right: Sally Hansen in Glow, Revlon Top Speed in Ocean, Sally Hansen in Flash, and Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Combustealble

Glow: I really like this color and formula. I’ll have to double check, but I’m pretty sure this will end up knocking that SaQu polish I’ve been hanging onto into the ‘get rid of’ category. After two coats, it was opaque, and it dried pretty quickly.

Ocean: I love this polish. I wear it often. This is a total keeper.

Flash: As with Glow, the formula for this polish is solid. It’s a pretty standard blue, but it’s got a different finish than most of the blues I own, so I’ll be keeping this.

Combustealble: First off, this name is ridiculous. At first I thought I was reading the french translation of the name or something. On top of that, this polish is very similar to Ocean, but worse is about every way. It NEEDS three coats for full opacity, and it took a bit to dry down. Personally, I think this miracle gel formula in general has been pretty hit or miss. I’ll be getting rid of this.

And the look (really just swatches, because I quickly removed this to put on look #2)

day 24 2

Hella messy because I didn’t bother cleaning up the edges. The polishes mentioned above are in order from pinky to pointer (so bottom up).  Ocean looks a smidge lighter in this picture, but in person they’re really very close.

Aaaand polishes, round 2:

day 24 polish 1

Left to right: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Hydro Electric, Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Thinking of Blue, Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Jewel Overcoat in White Veil, and OPI Liquid Sand in Tiffany Case

Hydro Electric: I’ll be honest. I’m not in love with this polish. I don’t have a similar blue color, however, so I’ll be holding onto this until the right replacement comes along. Here were my complaints: it took 3 coats to full opacity, and even then, sometimes the light would catch my nail in a certain way and it would look kind of patchy and gross

Thinking of Blue:  This has been my go-to navy polish for a few years now, so I’ll totally be keeping this. I already knew I loved it, so I tested it as a stamping polish, and it didn’t disappoint. Super opaque, and it wears really well.

White Veil: Honestly, this is just a white/silver glitter topcoat with some chunkier hexagonal glitters in it. It’s nothing special, but I’ll definitely use it, so I’ll be keeping this.

Tiffany Case: I love liquid sand polishes with glitter in it, and I love teal. This is a total keeper.

And here’s the (more cohesive, since I’ll be wearing it) look:

day 24 1

I like how this most recent mani came out! It’s a lot busier than I would usually do, but I was trying to cram as many polishes in as possible.



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