NPP Days 26-29: One giant mega-post

ALRIGHT, so I’ve been absent a few days. We’re moving in exactly one week and I’ve been in a constant state of freakout for an entire week. I want to pack, but we’re not getting boxes until thursday (sidenote, if you’re looking for an alternative to cardboard moving boxes, try bungo box if they’re available in your city).

Anyway, I took a look at how many untested polishes were still in my box and decided there was no way I was gonna get that all done in time before they needed to be packed up to move to my new place. So I’ve been testing an ABSURD amount of polish. At this rate, I’ll be done Monday, just in time to make one final pass for dupes (more on that later) and then pack everything up into a nice, safe cardboard box for the harrowing 17 minute drive to my new place.

As usual, the testing of polishes is easy. Getting it up on this blog? Not so easy. Here are a bunch of polishes that I’ve tested over the past few days.

Note: most of these looks are MESSY. I just really couldn’t justify cleaning up a look if I was just going to take it off to swatch more polish 10 minutes later. So here’s a sloppy polish journey. We’ve also been dealing with thunderstorm season for the past week or so, so lighting is less than ideal in a lot of these pictures. Overall, a giant mess. I’ve documented it all anyway.


These are all minis, and as far as I can tell, none of them have names. The middle two are Sinful Colors and the one on the right is a mini Konad polish.

I’ll be keeping all four of these. They’re small, so I can use them up reasonably soon, and I have no complaints about how these polishes perform.



Yep, that picture is HELLA sloppy. But it did the job.


Pure Ice in Never Satisfied & It’s Complicated, Old Navy Tip Toe polish in Platinum, and Essie in Blue Rhapsody

Pure Ice Polishes: These are great, cheap glitters that I’m pretty sure I bought at Walmart. I will say, however, that these NEED to be applied with a sponge to get the full payoff.

Platinum: This is a great silver. The brush is a little wide, which is weird because it seems like this was designed to be toenail polish

Blue Rhapsody: This is super great. Opaque, long-wearing, and a really cool color that you don’t see everyday.



Once again, a messy look. BUT check out that glitter. The purple one just SCREAMS rainbow fish to me. Both of the non-glitters were fine, but I might be checking out that silver one to see if I have any better dupes in my collection.


Nicole by OPI in Cinna-Man of my Dreams, Revlon in Gold Coin, Sally Hansen in Right Said Red, and Revlon Moon Candy in Orbit

Cinna-Man of my Dreams: This polish has THE dumbest name, but I still love it.

Gold Coin: I’m a sucker for metallics like this.

Right Said Red: This is a good red. I have no issues with it.

Orbit: I’ve tried to give this a chance SO many times. First of all, I had the shape of this wand. It feels super unstable if you’re propping it up on the table between coats. Besides that, the formula just never dries down for me. The big holo chunks are GORGEOUS, but at what cost????



The moon candy polish looks SUPER cool in this picture, but I definitely smudged it like 2 minutes later. It’s just not worth it, honestly. As for the others, they’re all great.


Sephora by OPI in Go with the Flow-er, Rimmel 60 Seconds Vinyl Shine in Festival Fever, OPI in A-Rose at Dawn…Broke by Noon, and Sally Hansen in All Fired Up

Go with the Flow-er: This is good. I like the shimmer, and it’s just different enough from my other reds to justify keeping it.

Festival Fever: This polish sucked, bottom line cut and dry. To be fair, it was $1.29 at ocean state job lot.

A-Rose at Dawn: Why does this polish have such a long name? Anyway, it’s good, and it’s almost an exact dupe for that Chi polish I tried out, so I’ll be ditching the Chi polish in favor of this.

All Fired Up: This is fine. No further comments


It’s a battle of the reds here. As you can see, the one polish that claimed to dry in 60 seconds was the one polish that I smudged the everloving hell out of. Disappointing.


Sally Hansen in Shrimply Devine and Back to the Fuschia, Essie in mod square, and Sally Hansen in Hi-Res

Simply put, I love all of these. I guess I’m running out of words after reviewing over 100 polishes.



And now it’s pink’s turn. I have no issues with any of these shades. I must be saving all of my really good polishes for last.


Sephora by OPI in indigo blasted, ORLY in La Playa, Sally Hansen Xtreme wear in The Real Teal, and ORLY in After Party

Indigo Blasted: I had no idea this was a shatter polish when I picked it up. I’m honestly not even sure I knew this was a shatter polish when I bought it. I just don’t think these formulas are for me. I can never apply them in any way that makes them look appealing. I’ll be getting rid of this.

La Playa: I have another navy already, but I’ll be keeping this anyway because I love it so much. What can I say, I’m a sucker for blues.

The Real Teal: This color is actually really cool. The microshimmer plays really well into the finish, and I love how bright the teal is

After Party: This is yet another cool polish. I almost want to say the base is black and there’s just a bunch of navy and purple shimmer, but I’m not sure. It really shines in the light



Time for some blues. I actually had no idea the shatter polish was a shatter polish until I had it on my nails, so that’s why it looks the way it does. Either way, not great. The other polishes, however, kill it. I think I just have a thing for blues.


KL Polish in Brick Sidewalk, Broccoli & Chocolate, and Zoey, and two unnamed Meg Twin Nail polishes

All KL Polishes in general: These are great. I pre-ordered almost all of the colors when they first launched and I haven’t been disappointed in any of them. Great wear-time, great opacity, great colors. I have no complaints.

Meg: I got this in this month’s ipsy bag. I was expecting these to be kind of bad, but they weren’t at all! The gray one is super opaque after just one coat, and the tan one needs 2-3 coats for full opacity. I think they’re super pretty.



I kind of love these colors together.


Essie in Bikini with a Martini, a no-name Pretty Woman polish, Konad in silver, and ORLY in Shine on Crazy Diamond

Bikini in a Martini: Honestly, I should probably get rid of this polish, but I’m not going to. It’s more sheer than I’d like, but VERY pretty, so I’ll be keeping this. It’ll look way better on my nails when they’re short, though.

Pretty Woman: I got this in my ipsy bag two months ago, and I was pleasantly surprised by it. It only took two coats to get full opacity, which is surprising with something as light as this.

Konad: I’ll be keeping this, but won’t rebuy when I’m out. It does a good job as a stamping polish, but so would any of my other silver polishes. It’s barely visible, but I stamped this on top of the pretty woman polish.

Shine on Crazy Diamond: I LOVE this topper. It’s in ORLY’s permanent collection, so when I’m out I’ll definitely be picking up more. It just adds a beautiful layer of fairy-glitter to any color.



And here’s the look. Subtle stamping on the ring finger. I topped the pink with the ORLY polish (except for the pinky)

Anyway, this was a mess of a post. Expect more like this!!! T-minus 7 days until I move.



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