NPP Day 31 – I’m done!!

It’s a momentous day. I’ve finally gone through ALL of my nail polish! All I really need to do now is make one final sweep for dupes/sub-par polishes, and then my task will be complete! And just in time to pack it all up in a box and move it to my new apartment, too.

Onto the polishes.

Swatch #1: Oranges


Wet n Wild Megalast in Club Havana, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Rouge Rebel, Covergirl glosstinis in Orange Oasis, Sephora by OPI in Hi Def, and ORLY in Life’s a Peach

First of all, props to these polishes for somehow being ever so slightly different enough from each other so that none of them could be considered dupes.

Club Havana: I was surprised by this polish. Obviously wet n wild is known as one of the cheaper brands, so I was expecting it to have a cheapy finish, but it didn’t. The wear time honestly isn’t the best, but a good topcoat helps. (This one’s on my pinky)

Rouge Rebel: I loved the bright color in this, but the finish just wasn’t doing it for me. Like a lot of ultra-bright polishes, this had a weird almost-matte, kind of chalky look to it. I’ll be ditching this. (ring finger)

Orange Oasis: This color is hella cute. It reminds me of sunflowers. The formula was also pretty great. I’m really impressed with this polish all-around. (middle finger)

Hi Def: I loved how deep orange this polish is. I’ve got no complaints. This is a solid polish. (pointer finger)

Life’s a Peach: This polish DEFINITELY needs 3 coats, but it’s ADORABLE. It has a slight sheen, and I’m just a sucker for anything named after peaches. As usual, the ORLY formula is solid. (thumb)


Swatch #2


Avon matte in Black as Night, Pure Ice in Tame Me Now, Sinful Colors in Envy, Sephora by OPI in I Only Shop Vintage

Black as Night: This is the only matte polish I own, so I don’t really have a baseline for what a matte polish should be. I think it performs well enough – it dries super quickly and is, in fact, matte, but I’m still on the fence about whether or not I actually like matte polish. I’ll be keeping this. (pinky)

Tame Me Now: I put this over a matte black base thinking it’d be like the other two pure ice glitter polishes I tested, but it didn’t need it at all. The picture below is just two coats of glitter with a brush (not a sponge), so it’s definitely a really great glitter! (pointer finger)

Envy: Dude this polish is gorgeous. Enough said. (ring finger)

I Only Shop Vintage: Same, tbh. It’s just gorgeous. No further discussion. (middle finger)


Aaaand the final set of swatches:


Konad in Gold, Sally Hansen in Disc, MAC in mean and green, LA Colors art deco in white, Essie gel couture in Fairy Tailor, and Sally Hansen in Gilty Pleasure

(I messed up and this picture is tiny!!!! Sorry about that)

Konad: I’m not a fan of this. I don’t think it performs any better than other gold polishes that I have, and it’s not useful as a regular polish because of the shape of the brush. I’ll be getting rid of this. (stamped on thumb, but you can barely see it)

Disc: This is such a cool color. It’s a peachy gold and it’s great. (pointer finger)

Mean & Green: This is one of my favorite polishes OF ALL TIME. It takes 3 coats to really shine, but it’s just amazing. It shifts red/purple/green and I love it.

Art Deco White: I’m a little rusty with the striping brush, but this is still a perfectly functional deco polish. (french tip)

Fairy Tailor: I’m super impressed with this polish. It took two coats to be as opaque as it was, and I loved the formual.

Gilty Pleasure: Another great color. (middle finger)


Well, I’m pretty glad that’s over! Expect one more post with the final tally, but other than that, get ready for more posts after I move!




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