NPP Day 31 – I’m done!!

It’s a momentous day. I’ve finally gone through ALL of my nail polish! All I really need to do now is make one final sweep for dupes/sub-par polishes, and then my task will be complete! And just in time to pack it all up in a box and move it to my new apartment, too.

Onto the polishes.

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NPP Days 26-29: One giant mega-post

ALRIGHT, so I’ve been absent a few days. We’re moving in exactly one week and I’ve been in a constant state of freakout for an entire week. I want to pack, but we’re not getting boxes until thursday (sidenote, if you’re looking for an alternative to cardboard moving boxes, try bungo box if they’re available in your city).

Anyway, I took a look at how many untested polishes were still in my box and decided there was no way I was gonna get that all done in time before they needed to be packed up to move to my new place. So I’ve been testing an ABSURD amount of polish. At this rate, I’ll be done Monday, just in time to make one final pass for dupes (more on that later) and then pack everything up into a nice, safe cardboard box for the harrowing 17 minute drive to my new place.

As usual, the testing of polishes is easy. Getting it up on this blog? Not so easy. Here are a bunch of polishes that I’ve tested over the past few days.

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NPP Day 14: Stamps!

I finally got some stamping plates in the mail! So obviously today I had to use one of my stamps out.

day 14 polish 1

China Glaze in Spontaneous

I don’t really have anything against this polish, but I have like a MILLION purples, so I’ll be checking this with the other purples in my collection to see if I have a close enough match elsewhere. This is a maybe.

day 14 polish 2

OPI in I eat Mainely Lobster

It doesn’t really show in the picture, but this polish actually has some very fine microglitter, so it has a slight shimmer to it. I love the color, and the formula is great. Bonus points for having a Maine-related name. PLUS, by some miracle, this polish is actually still available to buy. Most of my polishes are probably from the mid-2000s so that’s not usually the case. Total keeper.

day 14 polish 3

Konad white stamping polish

I was a lot happier with how this polish performed than I was with the blue Konad polish. It applied really opaque and stamped well (as it should, since it’s specifically a stamping polish). I’ll be keeping this one.

And here’s the finished look:day 14


NPP Day 3: Some favorites

So, today’s kind of a cheat day. I had an event to go to for Influenster (blog post to follow!) so I decided to not take any risks and knock three polishes out of the way that I know and love.

day 3 polish 1

Sinful Colors polish in Mad About Hue

day 3 polish 2

ORLY polish in Gumdrop

day 3 polish 3

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in Green with Envy

And here’s the finished look:

day 3

2 Coats of each polish, with a topcoat. There’s a little section on the blue nail that’s a little more transparent than the rest, but I didn’t catch it until I had applied my topcoat. Definitely user error as opposed to an issue with the polish.

Anyway, all three of these are going back on the rack. That’s all for today.

signature haul/first impressions

Hey guys! I recently bought some stuff from and I decided to go over what I got. In case you’ve never heard of it before, everything is $1! So naturally I bought like 35 things. Watch the video below to see my thoughts on the whole shebang.

Have any of you guys bought stuff from Miss A before? If you have, let me know what you thought in the comments!