NPP Day 8: A Stamping Miss

We’ve got some hits and some misses today.

day 8 polish 1

CHI Ceramic Nail Lacquer in Wrapped Around My Little Pinky

Yep, that Chi. I have to admit, my straightener’s a Chi and it’s older than most tweens. I thought this was pretty gimmicky, because there’s actual ceramic in the polish, so I didn’t have high hopes. Once again, I was proven wrong. It’s a pretty solid polish, though it does chip easily. If I have a dupe in my collection for this (which I’m pretty sure I do), I’ll likely be getting rid of this.

day 8 polish 2

Konad stamping polish in Blue

A few years ago, I asked for some stamping plates for my birthday. While I really love the concept of stamping, the plates I received were pretty lackluster and I was too lazy to buy any new plates. I recently grabbed some new ones on amazon so once they get here, my polish game is sure to improve. This polish, however, is pretty lacking. It’s supposed to be specially formulated for stamping, but I always found myself grabbing better, more opaque polishes in my collection. I’ll be getting rid of this.

day 8 polish 3

MAC Cosmetics polish in Formidable!

This is the cousin to what might be my favorite polish of all time (Mac Mean and Green). It doesn’t pick up well on camera, but it’s a gorgeous burgundy with blue and purple glitter. The shift is gorgeous. Not as gorgeous and Mean and Green, but still gorgeous. Obviously, I’m keeping this.

And here’s the look. I’m VERY much not a fan of the stamping polish:

day 8 stampday 8

That’s at least one more polish down!