NPP Day 14: Stamps!

I finally got some stamping plates in the mail! So obviously today I had to use one of my stamps out.

day 14 polish 1

China Glaze in Spontaneous

I don’t really have anything against this polish, but I have like a MILLION purples, so I’ll be checking this with the other purples in my collection to see if I have a close enough match elsewhere. This is a maybe.

day 14 polish 2

OPI in I eat Mainely Lobster

It doesn’t really show in the picture, but this polish actually has some very fine microglitter, so it has a slight shimmer to it. I love the color, and the formula is great. Bonus points for having a Maine-related name. PLUS, by some miracle, this polish is actually still available to buy. Most of my polishes are probably from the mid-2000s so that’s not usually the case. Total keeper.

day 14 polish 3

Konad white stamping polish

I was a lot happier with how this polish performed than I was with the blue Konad polish. It applied really opaque and stamped well (as it should, since it’s specifically a stamping polish). I’ll be keeping this one.

And here’s the finished look:day 14



NPP Day 9: Very Sloppy

Full disclosure: I’ve gotten a little lazy with my polish now that I know it’ll only be on my fingers for a day. Today’s a little bit incredibly sloppy. Now that you’ve been warned, here are the polishes in question:

day 9 polish 1

saQu nail color in White Fever

As far as white polishes go, this is second place so far. White polishes are SUPER difficult to make look good, and this did a fairly okay job at doing its job. It looks TERRIBLE in the picture, but that’s because I got impatient and layered it on without letting it dry fully. I’m going to hold onto it for now, but if I’m not happy with it after a few more manis, I’ll be tossing this.I’m still not a super huge fan of any of the white polishes in my collection, though. I may need to go out and find a good replacement once I’m done going through my collection.

day 9 polish 2

ORLY polish in Spark

I love this color. I’m gonna keep it. That’s about all I can say about that.

day 9 polish 3

China Glaze in Flip Flop Fantasy

This is a unique color in my collection. The formula honestly isn’t ideal, but how often am I going to be wearing a radioactive polish? Once again, this is a keeper.

And here’s the (super ugly) mani:

day 9

Not my best, but new polish tommorow so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯