NPP Day 31 – I’m done!!

It’s a momentous day. I’ve finally gone through ALL of my nail polish! All I really need to do now is make one final sweep for dupes/sub-par polishes, and then my task will be complete! And just in time to pack it all up in a box and move it to my new apartment, too.

Onto the polishes.

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NPP Day 11: Floral Stamping

I totally ordered a bunch of nail plates on amazon but they still haven’t shipped yet. So here I am using the only cute stamping plate I have on every nail.

day 11 polish 1

Sephora x Hello Kitty polish in Minty

I think we all know why I own this nail polish:

  1. everything I own is inexplicably mint
  2. hello kitty is my weakness

This could probably be the worst polish in the world and I’d still never get rid of it. Luckily, it’s not. It’s pretty solid after two coats, and the color is to die for. Total keeper.

day 11 polish 3

Essie in Nothing Else Metals

This is very similar to the Forever 21 polish I wore yesterday, but just ever so slightly different enough to justify keeping. It’s a little more opaque than that polish on the first coat, but they perform surprisingly similarly, considering there’s a $5 price difference between the two. This is also a keeper

day 11 polish 2

Covergirl in Vio-last

This polish was a great example of a good stamping polish when I was mentioning that in my post the other day. This polish performed. The stamps were opaque and bold enough to stand out on both colors of polish. Totally a keeper.

And here’s the look. I really loved this color combo:

day 11


NPP Day 6: Spring has sprung

Even though it’s felt like summer since february here in Dallas, I’ve suddenly been in a springy mood. Today’s polish reflected that.

day 6 polish 1

Sinful Colors in Violets are Blue

Sinful Colors really needs to up its game, apparently. This polish was still somewhat translucent and patchy after three coats, so I wasn’t really a fan. The color is GORGEOUS, however, so this is going in the “maybe” pile, and I’ll get rid of it if I find a similar color in my collection.

day 6 polish 2

Covergirl glosstinis in Purple Freeze

Honestly, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this polish. It’s just the exact same color as one of the sinful colors polishes I posted the other day, which I like better. You really need two coats of this polish, while you can get away with one with the sinful colors. I’ll be getting rid of this.

day 6 comparison

The sinful colors polish on the left, covergirl on the right. VERY close dupes.

day 6 polish 3

ORLY in Cotton Candy

While I’m not the hugest fan of ORLY’s formula, this is a nice pink. You have to apply it really carefully or else it can be a little patchy, but the opacity is pretty nice, and I don’t usually have problems with chipping with ORLY polish. This is a keeper.

And the finished look. Pretty simple, once again. You can see how the blue sinful colors polish is a little patchy.

day 6

Well, that’s another polish gone from the collection.