NPP Day 10

day 10 polish 1

Sally Hansen in Fuchsia Bling

This color is great. This formula is great. This is a keeper. In general, Sally Hansen polishes have never failed me. This is probably going to be a trend.

day 10 polish 2

Forever 21 Polish in Dusty Lavender

I figured this was going to be a garbage polish, but I was actually stunned by how beautiful this was. It only needs one coat for full opacity, it wasn’t patchy, and the color is to die for. Definitely keeping this.

day 10 polish 3

Mood Struck Polish in Teal to Turquoise

This really did nothing for me. First off, I couldn’t see a visible change in the color when I applied heat or cold, but maybe that’s because the colors are so similar. This also dried very matte, and not in the cute way. More in the shitty nail polish from the dollar store way. I’ll be tossing this.

And the look:

day 10

The lighting wasn’t working in my favor, but see how GORGEOUS that lavender polish is?? The teal didn’t woo me, but I really like this look otherwise.