NPP Days 26-29: One giant mega-post

ALRIGHT, so I’ve been absent a few days. We’re moving in exactly one week and I’ve been in a constant state of freakout for an entire week. I want to pack, but we’re not getting boxes until thursday (sidenote, if you’re looking for an alternative to cardboard moving boxes, try bungo box if they’re available in your city).

Anyway, I took a look at how many untested polishes were still in my box and decided there was no way I was gonna get that all done in time before they needed to be packed up to move to my new place. So I’ve been testing an ABSURD amount of polish. At this rate, I’ll be done Monday, just in time to make one final pass for dupes (more on that later) and then pack everything up into a nice, safe cardboard box for the harrowing 17 minute drive to my new place.

As usual, the testing of polishes is easy. Getting it up on this blog? Not so easy. Here are a bunch of polishes that I’ve tested over the past few days.

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NPP Day 12: Hella Orange

Today was, uh, not the most imaginative mani I’ve ever done. It also didn’t really show off one of the colors, but let’s get on with it.

day 12 polish 1

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Gilty Pleasure

Look, a polish that hasn’t been completely discontinued! This particular color isn’t available anymore, but I love this formula a lot. Unfortunately, I did an extra bad job of making it show up on camera, but the polish is lovely and I’ll be keeping it.

day 12 polish 3

KL Polish in Snickerdoodle

I love kathleenlights, and I love nail polish, so naturally I picked up some of her polishes when they were available for pre-order. The formula and brush actually remind me a lot of the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure, which is a good thing. This color is a lovely “I just accidentally put too much cream in my coffee” shade, and would be super great for work or going out.  Also, my initals are KLP so I kind of love it. Total keeper.

day 12 polish 2

Sephora polish in Torrid Shimmer

Aaand another Sephora brand polish. These don’t even exist anymore. I was very pleasantly surprised by how opaque and streak-free one coat was. It was also super glittery without being chunky. This is also going in the keep pile.

Here’s the look. I tried doing an ombre from the KL Polish to the Sally Hansen polish, but it turns out Gilty Pleasure is just a glittery version of Snickerdoodle, so it really doesn’t show up on camera.

day 12

Yep. I’m super bad at getting rid of things.