NPP (Late) Day 4: Magnetic Overload

Sorry for the late post! I actually had everything shot and ready to go, and then my laptop charger was mysteriously missing. It’s been located and now I’m ready to go again.

So, day 4. After the first magnetic polish test, I decided I’d be best off to just test them all out at once and make my picks from there. Here are the polishes in question:

day 4 polish

From left to right: Nails inc in Whitehall, Sally Hansen in Graphite Gravity, Sally Hansen in Ionic Indigo, and Sinful Colors in Polar Opposites

And here’s the look:

day 4

Sinful colors on the thumb and pinky, Sally Hansen on the index and ring, Nails Inc on the middle finger.

The verdict:

Nails inc: I’m keeping this one for sure. The teal color is really pretty on its own, and it responded really well to the magnet

Sally Hansen: I’m keeping Ionic Indigo, but getting rid of Graphite Gravity. GG just didn’t perform as well, for some reason. It wasn’t as responsive to the magnet unless I PILED it on, at which point it didn’t dry well. II performed really well and the color was great.

Sinful Colors: This was a miss for me. I wasn’t a fan of the starburst design magnet it came with, and although it looked a little bit nicer if I used one of the squiggle magnets from the other polishes, the formula was just really lacking for me. It took at least three coats to really look nice, and the glitter was a little distracting. Plus, I really don’t need THREE blue magnetic polishes.

Well, at least this is finally ramping up and I’ve found some stuff I’m not a huge fan of. Hopefully this keeps going in this direction.