NPP Day 5: Kind of a disaster

Today’s polish picks were definitely interesting. Going off of yesterday (and the fact that I have no plans to leave the house today), I really wanted to pick some polishes that I hadn’t used in a while and looked suspiciously bad. Honestly, I was kind of surprised. Here are the polishes:

day 5 polish 1

No-name M polish

Here’s where it gets surprising. I picked this because it was a random red nail polish without a name, and I figured it would be an easy pick to get rid of. I was wrong. This applied really well, and I could either apply one coat for a semi-translucent (not patchy!) look, or two coats for an opaque look. It dried quickly and cleaned up easily. Overall, this was great.

day 5 polish 2

Sinful Colors in All About You

This, on the other hand, was garbage. To be fair, it was about half empty. The glitter was just a gloopy consistency and it wasn’t applying well at all.

day 5 polish 3

NYC Sheer French Manicure Enamel in String of Pearls

Honestly, I didn’t test this the way I should have. I just don’t have a need for it for its intended purpose because If I want a french manicure, I’ll just pay someone to do it for me. That’s one of the only times I’ll get a manicure, in all honestly. As a base, it honestly looks pretty gross and I have better white polishes. This one’s not going back on the rack.


And here’s the (pretty bad) look:

day 5

Like I mentioned above, the glitter was gloopy AS HELL, and the sheer white polish just isn’t my cup of tea. That red polish is amazing, though. SO glossy, even without a top coat. It’s definitely one of my rediscovered favorites.

So, two more polishes gone from the collection today. That’s definitely a victory.