NPP Day 31 – I’m done!!

It’s a momentous day. I’ve finally gone through ALL of my nail polish! All I really need to do now is make one final sweep for dupes/sub-par polishes, and then my task will be complete! And just in time to pack it all up in a box and move it to my new apartment, too.

Onto the polishes.

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NPP Days 26-29: One giant mega-post

ALRIGHT, so I’ve been absent a few days. We’re moving in exactly one week and I’ve been in a constant state of freakout for an entire week. I want to pack, but we’re not getting boxes until thursday (sidenote, if you’re looking for an alternative to cardboard moving boxes, try bungo box if they’re available in your city).

Anyway, I took a look at how many untested polishes were still in my box and decided there was no way I was gonna get that all done in time before they needed to be packed up to move to my new place. So I’ve been testing an ABSURD amount of polish. At this rate, I’ll be done Monday, just in time to make one final pass for dupes (more on that later) and then pack everything up into a nice, safe cardboard box for the harrowing 17 minute drive to my new place.

As usual, the testing of polishes is easy. Getting it up on this blog? Not so easy. Here are a bunch of polishes that I’ve tested over the past few days.

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NPP Day 9: Very Sloppy

Full disclosure: I’ve gotten a little lazy with my polish now that I know it’ll only be on my fingers for a day. Today’s a little bit incredibly sloppy. Now that you’ve been warned, here are the polishes in question:

day 9 polish 1

saQu nail color in White Fever

As far as white polishes go, this is second place so far. White polishes are SUPER difficult to make look good, and this did a fairly okay job at doing its job. It looks TERRIBLE in the picture, but that’s because I got impatient and layered it on without letting it dry fully. I’m going to hold onto it for now, but if I’m not happy with it after a few more manis, I’ll be tossing this.I’m still not a super huge fan of any of the white polishes in my collection, though. I may need to go out and find a good replacement once I’m done going through my collection.

day 9 polish 2

ORLY polish in Spark

I love this color. I’m gonna keep it. That’s about all I can say about that.

day 9 polish 3

China Glaze in Flip Flop Fantasy

This is a unique color in my collection. The formula honestly isn’t ideal, but how often am I going to be wearing a radioactive polish? Once again, this is a keeper.

And here’s the (super ugly) mani:

day 9

Not my best, but new polish tommorow so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


NPP Day 6: Spring has sprung

Even though it’s felt like summer since february here in Dallas, I’ve suddenly been in a springy mood. Today’s polish reflected that.

day 6 polish 1

Sinful Colors in Violets are Blue

Sinful Colors really needs to up its game, apparently. This polish was still somewhat translucent and patchy after three coats, so I wasn’t really a fan. The color is GORGEOUS, however, so this is going in the “maybe” pile, and I’ll get rid of it if I find a similar color in my collection.

day 6 polish 2

Covergirl glosstinis in Purple Freeze

Honestly, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this polish. It’s just the exact same color as one of the sinful colors polishes I posted the other day, which I like better. You really need two coats of this polish, while you can get away with one with the sinful colors. I’ll be getting rid of this.

day 6 comparison

The sinful colors polish on the left, covergirl on the right. VERY close dupes.

day 6 polish 3

ORLY in Cotton Candy

While I’m not the hugest fan of ORLY’s formula, this is a nice pink. You have to apply it really carefully or else it can be a little patchy, but the opacity is pretty nice, and I don’t usually have problems with chipping with ORLY polish. This is a keeper.

And the finished look. Pretty simple, once again. You can see how the blue sinful colors polish is a little patchy.

day 6

Well, that’s another polish gone from the collection.


NPP Day 3: Some favorites

So, today’s kind of a cheat day. I had an event to go to for Influenster (blog post to follow!) so I decided to not take any risks and knock three polishes out of the way that I know and love.

day 3 polish 1

Sinful Colors polish in Mad About Hue

day 3 polish 2

ORLY polish in Gumdrop

day 3 polish 3

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in Green with Envy

And here’s the finished look:

day 3

2 Coats of each polish, with a topcoat. There’s a little section on the blue nail that’s a little more transparent than the rest, but I didn’t catch it until I had applied my topcoat. Definitely user error as opposed to an issue with the polish.

Anyway, all three of these are going back on the rack. That’s all for today.