NPP Day 12: Hella Orange

Today was, uh, not the most imaginative mani I’ve ever done. It also didn’t really show off one of the colors, but let’s get on with it.

day 12 polish 1

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Gilty Pleasure

Look, a polish that hasn’t been completely discontinued! This particular color isn’t available anymore, but I love this formula a lot. Unfortunately, I did an extra bad job of making it show up on camera, but the polish is lovely and I’ll be keeping it.

day 12 polish 3

KL Polish in Snickerdoodle

I love kathleenlights, and I love nail polish, so naturally I picked up some of her polishes when they were available for pre-order. The formula and brush actually remind me a lot of the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure, which is a good thing. This color is a lovely “I just accidentally put too much cream in my coffee” shade, and would be super great for work or going out.  Also, my initals are KLP so I kind of love it. Total keeper.

day 12 polish 2

Sephora polish in Torrid Shimmer

Aaand another Sephora brand polish. These don’t even exist anymore. I was very pleasantly surprised by how opaque and streak-free one coat was. It was also super glittery without being chunky. This is also going in the keep pile.

Here’s the look. I tried doing an ombre from the KL Polish to the Sally Hansen polish, but it turns out Gilty Pleasure is just a glittery version of Snickerdoodle, so it really doesn’t show up on camera.

day 12

Yep. I’m super bad at getting rid of things.



NPP Day 11: Floral Stamping

I totally ordered a bunch of nail plates on amazon but they still haven’t shipped yet. So here I am using the only cute stamping plate I have on every nail.

day 11 polish 1

Sephora x Hello Kitty polish in Minty

I think we all know why I own this nail polish:

  1. everything I own is inexplicably mint
  2. hello kitty is my weakness

This could probably be the worst polish in the world and I’d still never get rid of it. Luckily, it’s not. It’s pretty solid after two coats, and the color is to die for. Total keeper.

day 11 polish 3

Essie in Nothing Else Metals

This is very similar to the Forever 21 polish I wore yesterday, but just ever so slightly different enough to justify keeping. It’s a little more opaque than that polish on the first coat, but they perform surprisingly similarly, considering there’s a $5 price difference between the two. This is also a keeper

day 11 polish 2

Covergirl in Vio-last

This polish was a great example of a good stamping polish when I was mentioning that in my post the other day. This polish performed. The stamps were opaque and bold enough to stand out on both colors of polish. Totally a keeper.

And here’s the look. I really loved this color combo:

day 11